Tenant engagement is a core value of Mainstay. Every Mainstay tenant is a member of our organization. Part of our mission is to deliver high quality housing. This includes the quality of tenants’ experiences living in our buildings.

The Tenant Member Advisory Committee (TMAC) plays an important role in improving our responsiveness and engagement with tenants, contributing to an overall improvement in the quality of the tenant experience.

The Committee helps guide Mainstay’s engagement with tenants. Launched in 2018, the TMAC is made up of eight tenant members. The tenant members provide feedback and advice on services and engagement efforts, considering questions like:

  • How can Mainstay improve the tenant experience?
  • What can Mainstay do to ensure that tenant input helps inform our programs, housing and development efforts?
  • How well does Mainstay currently engage with tenants?
  • Are there other opportunities for engagement with tenants?

Tenants interested in more information about TMAC, can speak with their Supportive Housing Worker.

Members of Tenant Member Advisory Committee