Mainstay and Houselink to join as one organization

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Mainstay tenants vote “YES”

  • On Tuesday, January 12, 88% of Mainstay tenants who participated in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) voted in favour of joining with Houselink Community Homes.
  • With Houselink’s 84% positive vote from November 25, tenants from both organizations have now approved moving forward.
  • View the AGM Joining with Houselink slide deck. In the deck you’ll see highlights about the reasons why the board proposed joining with Houselink and how it will benefit tenants and others.

Joining with Houselink Next Steps

Now that tenants from both organizations have approved moving forward with joining as one organization, there is lots to be done and decisions to be made. Here is a highlight of some of the first steps.

  • Seek formal approval from our funders at the Ministry of Health and the LHIN (Local Health Integration Network)
  • Complete due diligence work, such as reviewing financial information from both organizations. If anything comes forward that puts Mainstay at risk during this process, we will not move forward with joining together. Note, this is unlikely to happen.
  • Complete legal requirements to official become one organization.
  • Bring together the first board of directors of the new organization to begin making plans and setting next steps.

We will keep updating this page with more details and progress as we have them.

What joining together means

Joining together means that Mainstay and Houselink would become one organization. We would have one Board, one Executive Director, and one administration for both organizations.

Joining together is a choice that both Boards support.

Tenants have a say

The vote on whether or not to join together was only the first step. You will have input and support at each stage along the way. For example, you’ll have a voice in shaping service standards and programs and permanent by-laws.

The New Organization’s First Board of Directors

Prior to the tenant vote on whether or not Mainstay and Houselink will become one organization, members from each of the boards created a Joint Governance Committee to discuss what a new board would look like. The Committee came to agreement about: how many Directors would be needed to launch the new organization; the balance between residents and non-residents, and the skills that would be required.  Both full Boards then approved the proposed Board slate.

The new board will have:

  • 10 directors
  • an equal representation of tenant members and community members
  • an equal representation of Houselink and Mainstay members

The members of the first Board of Directors for the new joined organization include:

Drew Baillie, Current Mainstay Chair, Community member
Gord Singer, Mainstay Vice Chair, Tenant member
Peggy Mooney, Mainstay Treasurer, Community member
Leslie Gash, Mainstay Director, Community member
Carole King, Mainstay tenant and former Mainstay director; current member of Houselink’s Board, Tenant member
Phillip Dufresne, Houselink Chair, Tenant member
Linda McNeil, Houselink Vice Chair, Tenant member
Joann Sochor, Houselink Treasurer, Community member
Stephen Rogers, Houselink Director, Tenant member
One Houselink Director position is to be filled due to a resignation

Why join together

Mainstay and Houselink have the same goals. Joining together means we can achieve our missions. Together, we will be stronger and have a bigger impact on those we serve.

It’s more important than ever that we become one organization. The way housing and mental health are funded is changing dramatically. Our core funders are helping organizations like us who are forward thinking to make the changes we need to survive and thrive in this new environment.

Together we’ll be able to:

  1. Reduce homelessness
  2. Improve participant support
  3. Have access to more funding
  4. Provide more and better housing
  5. Be able to respond to funder expectations

How joining together is good for tenants

Joining together opens doors to more opportunities for you.

  • Better upkeep and repair of units and buildings: improve our standards for maintenance.
  • More access to programs and services.
  • Better services: We’ll be sharing best practices with each other and adopting what’s best.
  • Opportunities to transfer among more buildings.
  • Access to funding, so we can do more for you. In fact, we’ve already received more funding even as we plan to join together. It’s already working!

How to find out more

  1. Visit our FAQ page to get more information.
  2. Call or email your Supportive Housing Worker.
  3. Visit to learn more about Houselink Community Homes.
  4. Keep coming back to this webpage. We will continue to add more information.

Important dates

  • Starting January – bring the first board of directors together and begin work to shape the new organization
  • April 1, 2021 – Official legal date of joining together
  • After April 1 – continue to work with tenants to shape the organization

Joining Together With Houselink

This ASL-interpreted video provides general information about Mainstay Housing and Houselink Joining Together.