Applications for Mainstay Housing units are managed through the Access Point. Visit How to Apply for more information.

Currently, you must be a person living with a mental illness to qualify for supportive housing at Mainstay.

You must also meet these requirements:

  • You are a Canadian citizen, have landed status, or are a refugee claimant.
  • You do not owe rent to any other non-profit housing authority.
  • You do not own a house, or if you do, you have agreed to sell it within six months of moving into Mainstay Housing.
  • You are able to live on your own or with support from family, friends or other social agencies.

Visit How to Apply for more information.

Visit Maintenance Requests for information on submitting maintenance requests.

The Mainstay Tenant Handbook explains your rights in detail. As a Mainstay tenant you are protected by the Province of Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act.  Mainstay Housing respects your right to privacy. The Ontario Human Rights Code says that you cannot be discriminated against or harassed for any reason.

Mainstay believes in the right to housing. As a tenant-member you have rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006.

You can live here as long as you wish provided you:

  • meet our funder requirements for subsidized housing;
  • meet your responsibilities as a tenant just like any other tenant in Ontario.

The responsibilities of a tenant-member are simple: pay the rent, be a good neighbour and work with Mainstay as your landlord to keep your building and your unit repaired and clean.

We encourage tenant-members to participate in the Mainstay Housing community to the extent that they feel comfortable. This could include participating in building activities, starting a club, volunteering for the Tenant Member Advisory Committee. To find out more the opportunities available to you, speak with your Supportive Housing Worker.

Informal complaints can be made verbally to your Mainstay Housing Supportive Housing Worker. Formal complaints can be made in writing to Mainstay Housing management, using the Tenant Member Complaint Form.

Your rent must be paid on or before the first business day of each month.

Rent can be paid in several ways:

  • In person at Mainstay’s head office at 550 Queen Street East, Suite 150. You can pay with cash, cheque or money order;
  • Mail your cheque or money order to the Mainstay Housing head office. It must reach the head office by the first business day of the month. Do not send cash in the mail;
  • Use Pre-authorized Payment (PAP). Rent will be taken out of your bank account. Ask your Supportive Housing Worker or the Receptionist for the form and instructions to set it up.