Who We Are

Mainstay Housing is Toronto’s largest non-profit housing agency. We currently manage 38 residential locations and more than 1,000 units across the City of Toronto.

A home is the foundation to a successful life. Where a person lives plays a vital role in health and wellbeing. Mainstay is proud to lead the affordable housing sector in building strong, inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

In 2017 and 2018, Mainstay began laying the foundation for a Strategic Plan that would broaden the organization’s focus as a supportive housing provider. Mainstay is now pursuing a plan to expand its asset base with the goal of building stable, inclusive communities where everyone can thrive. Ultimately, these communities will include a mix of market-rent and affordable units, where some tenants receive support services.

Mainstay works closely with sector partners to deliver programs and advocate for solutions that will address homelessness and end the legacy of institutionalization.

Toronto’s largest non-profit housing agency


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Our Vision

With stable housing as a foundation, everyone belongs and has a bridge to a better life.

Our Mission

Operate high quality housing.

High quality housing is both the condition of our buildings and the quality of the tenant experience in Mainstay housing. It’s what we do from heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) improvements to elevator modernization to improved security and regular upkeep. It’s also how we plan, measure and report our success through Mainstay’s Quality Improvement Strategy. It’s how we put tenants at the centre including through the Tenant Member Advisory Committee and the role of tenants on the board. All of this work helps to improve housing quality.

Support housing stability.

Providing stable housing is at the core of what Mainstay does. Together with community partners, Mainstay supports tenants to identify and achieve their goals, build life skills and address tenancy issues. We offer permanent, quality housing with programs to ensure our tenants have a voice, have what they need to keep their homes, and have a sense of community and belonging.

Create inclusive communities.

One of Mainstay’s most critical roles is creating a sense of cohesion in our communities while also supporting the integration of new people. We work toward building strong, inclusive communities by providing access to resources and activities both within our buildings and in the broader community.

Strategic Plan

Our current Strategic Plan guides Mainstay’s work through 2020. The Plan includes three Strategic Directions:

  1. Improve the quality of the Mainstay tenant experience
  2. Secure our foundation
  3. Implement innovative housing solutions

Our History

Mainstay was founded in 1982 to provide housing and support to people with mental health and addiction issues.

Mainstay grew out of the need to transition people from institutions, such as psychiatric hospitals, to the community. Many people moving from an institution needed support to be able to live stable, healthy lives.

Today, the evidence and understanding of mental illness and addictions has evolved. Our systems have changed. We know housing plays a critical role in health and wellbeing. It is the foundation, and with housing and proper supports in place, people can achieve lasting tenancy and thrive as part of community. Mainstay today is well established as a leader in community housing.

Our current Strategic Plan has broadened the organization’s focus as a supportive housing provider with the ultimate goal of building communities that include a mix of market-rent and affordable units, where some tenants receive support services.