Housing is a human right, and plays a vital role in health and wellbeing.

Mainstay is proud to lead the affordable housing sector in building strong, inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We currently manage 41 residential locations and more than 1,000 units across the City of Toronto.

Our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan has broadened the organization’s focus as a supportive housing provider with the ultimate goal of building communities that include a mix of market-rent and affordable units, where some tenants receive support services.

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Mainstay tenant shares her story with Toronto Life

Antonietta Corrado has been a Mainstay tenant since November 2019. She went from owning her own condo to being homeless for years. Through the City of Toronto's Streets to Homes program, she is feeling secure in her new home. Recently, she shared her story with Toronto Life magazine. Read the full story.

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Mainstay creating $8 million Development Fund

Mainstay Housing has been actively seeking opportunities to expand its asset base, such as through the City of Toronto’s Housing Now Program. The goal is to develop more high quality housing and…

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Mainstay and Houselink considering amalgamation

The Boards of Directors of Mainstay and Houselink Community Homes have approved a plan to pursue an amalgamation of the two organizations. The amalgamation would bring two leaders in supportive…

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Mainstay Aging in Place Report: most vulnerable age sooner

A new report commissioned by Mainstay shows that the most vulnerable in our society show signs of aging sooner than the general population – some as early as 39 years. This is according to the new…

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