Housing is a human right, and plays a vital role in health and wellbeing.

Mainstay is proud to lead the affordable housing sector in building strong, inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We currently manage 38 residential locations and more than 1,000 units across the City of Toronto.

Our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan has broadened the organization’s focus as a supportive housing provider with the ultimate goal of building communities that include a mix of market-rent and affordable units, where some tenants receive support services.

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88% of Mainstay tenants vote ‘yes’

On Tuesday, January 12, Mainstay held its Annual General Meeting, which included the tenant vote on whether or not to join with Houselink Community…

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84% of Houselink tenant members vote ‘yes’

After significant efforts to effectively and safely engage Houselink tenants on the rationale to join Mainstay and Houselink as one organization, on…

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Late Mainstay Tenant Remembered in Star Article

Calvin Little came to Mainstay through the Streets to Homes program. Sadly, he passed away from health issues earlier this month. Star reporter,…

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